What Is Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Binance is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, where users can trade and exchange popular cryptocurrencies.

Binance allows only certain cryptocurrencies to be listed on the exchange, this eventually helps users from trading random coins and preventing them from further losses.

The binance exchange has various trading features optimized for traders that includes
Buy-Sell Crypto
All of these features will be explained as we move further with the review

The markets feature in the binance exchange helps in understanding the price, 24 hr volume, market cap, etc of each cryptocurrency listed on the exchange.
Traders can compare any altcoins with BTC, ETH, USDT and some of the other featured cryptocurrencies
Check out the binance market feature HERE

Exchange is the main feature of binance that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies.
The exchange feature includes 3 types of trading
1. Basic Trading
2. Advance Trading
3. Margin Trading
Basic and advanced trading are almost the same but the advance trading feature has some extra tools, like a bigger chart to understand how a particular coin is performing

Advance Trading

Margin Trading
Binance has recently allowed the margin trading facility in binance, that allows users to participate in.
Margin trading involves risk and should be understood properly before using this trading facility.
Know more about binance margin trading HERE

Futures Trading
Binance also has a future trading facility that allows trading Bitcoin ETH and EOS futures contract with USDT
Know more about binance futures trading HERE

The binance earn facility is a feature that allows the users to earn through lending and staking.
The lending feature basically allows users to deposit 3 coins that are BTC, BND, and USDT, and earn a percentage of annual return.
Learn more about the binance lending feature HERE
Binance provides a platform for users to stake their coins.
binance currently has 11 coins that a user can stake.
List of coins that can be staked on binance HERE
Know more about binance staking HERE

Buy-Sell Crypto
The buy-sell crypto is the last feature of binance that allows users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat money.
Binance has partnered with various channels that allow users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat.
Some channels also has the credit and debit card features to purchase cryptocurrencies.
The Buy-Sell Crypto feature is only limited to few cryptocurrencies that mainly include BTC, ETH, BNB, AND USDT, also depending on the channel.
Know more about the Buy-Sell Crypto binance feature HERE

Binance Academy
The binance academy is a very interesting and cool tool that is provided by binance.
Users can learn and understand about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and other cool stuffs after completing the free course provided by them.
Anyone can participate in this course.
Access the binance academy course HERE

Trust Wallet
Trust wallet is a mobile wallet for cryptocurrencies that is officially owned by binance.
Trust Wallet allows access to decentralized applications and also supports ERC20 and BEP2 tokens.
Learn more about trust wallet HERE

Create your Binance account HERE.

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