TronWallet Review

TronWallet is a secure P2P crypto wallet and exchange for Tron (TRX).
Tronwallet is available on both, desktop and mobile platforms.

TronWallet for desktop OS
TronWallet is available on Windows 8.1+ , MACOS and Linux.
Download links are available below:
Windows 8.1+

TronWallet For Mobile OS
Tronwallet is also available on Android and IOS devices.
Download links are available below:
Apple(IOS) – AppStore
Android – PlayStore
Android APK

TronWallet Features
TronWallet has many interesting features that the tronwallet users can avail such as:
Sending crypto coins to anyone with minimal to no fees.
Recieving coins from anyone.
Users can use Tronwallet for business, where one could request or make payments to their customers.
Users can participate in token pre-sale and ICO’s
TronWallet also has its own decentralized exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies on Tron.

The Tronwallet currently has 50k+ downloads on Playstore .

TronWallet Token – TWX
Tronwallet also has its own token called TWX token.
Benefits of owning TWX tokens are:
Receiving Airdrops
Receiving Tron as dividends – whenever the TronWallet gets a listing fee from tokens getting listed on its exchange, A portion of the listing fee is given as airdrops to the TWX token holders.

There were 6130000 TWX tokens sold during its pre and ICO sale.

How to buy TWX tokens?
Best place to buy twx tokens is from the Tronwallet exchange itself, which can be accessed from the tronwallet app on desktop or mobile.

TronWallet Life Time Subscription Token – TWLT
TronWallet has created a brand new TRC10 token, the TronWallet Lifetime Subscription Token (TWLT). Holding just one TronWallet Lifetime Subscription Token (TWLT) in your TronWallet will entitle you to an exclusive level of subscription, the Lifetime VIP tier. The Lifetime VIP tier will be yours for as long as you hold the token. You can resell your token at any time, but your Lifetime VIP Tier subscription will transfer with it to the new token owner.

The Lifetime VIP Tier subscription will allow you unlimited free access to every feature of your TronWallet, with the exception of the vote for listing fee. This means you can: vote for super representatives, send or receive accepted cryptocurrencies, utilize 2FA authentication, enjoy premium support, save your contacts on cloud, perform atomic swaps to ETH or BTC, request payments, make payments, participate, claim airdrops, and perform unlimited no fee trades on the TronWallet Dex.

TWLT will have a restricted supply and release dates.

TWLT is a limited-edition token and will have a restricted release. Only 10,000 tokens have been created and no additional TWLT will ever be created. These 10,000 tokens will be released on schedule of only 1000 per year. As an introductory offer, The next sale of TWLT will be in January 2020.

The schedule for token sales will be:

2018 = 1000 tokens sold, January 2019 = 1000 tokens sold, January 2020 = 1000 tokens and so on each year until January 2027.

Tronwallet Magic Link
TronWallet MagicLink allows you to redirect users traffic DIRECTLY to your DApp inside TW Browser. So, if you share your TW MagicLink™ on Telegram or Twitter, users who click it will be redirected to your DApp inside TronWallet Browser. Just Like Magic!

10 Reasons to Have A TW MagicLink

  • To acquire new users for your DApp across all devices, channels and platforms
  • To offer direct play link experience to your DApp
  • To engage new and old users to try your DApp and give you valuable feedbacks
  • To offer a better experience for your users
  • Access to 50k+ Monthly active users
  • Access to 12k Daily active users
  • TW users love to try new DApps
  • TW is available in 130 countries for iOS and Android
  • TW is available on Apple Store and Google Play
  • TW users spend between 15M-40M TRX per day on TRON DApps
    Know more about Magic Link HERE

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