Ontology Cryptocurrency Project Review

Ontology is one of the top 25 cryptocurrencies in the world, with a market cap of $461,894,017 USD. It is a great innovative technology that growing at a massive pace at current.
Let us understand about ontology and its fundaments.

Ontology is a trust redefined high-performance public blockchain and distributed collaboration platform.
Ontology enables a decentralized network environment that solves key issues of identity security and data integrity. Data sharing and productive collaboration are maximized by assuring that users can trust one another.

Ontology has 3 basic features that redefine trust.
Ont ID :
Ont ID is a decentralized identity framework that helps users in managing their own data and enabling blockchain-based multi-dimensional authentication provided by global verifiers.
Features of Ont ID :
It enables users to manage their own data.
The data improves its trustworthiness due to blockchain technology.
Helps in protecting user’s private data with blockchain-based security and cryptographic algorithms and also Connects trust anchors to establish trust collaboration networks.
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ONTO Wallet
ONTO wallet is a one-stop client to the decentralized world. It allows you to manage your digital assets safely and take full control over your digital identity and data. it is more than a digital wallet.
Features of ONTO
Onto helps in managing People, Assets, Things, and Affairs All in One.
It has a fresh look, which makes users’ assets and market trends at a glance.
Users can stake their nodes in just one click.
Airdrop hunters can find airdrop events in Candy Box.
Users can discover all dapps of different categories.
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DDXF is a decentralized data exchange and collaboration framework. DDXF is able to tokenize any valuable data and provide data traceability and cross-system data processing.

Ontology enables mainstream blockchain adoption
ontology supports a complete distributed ledger system, including core distributed ledger, smart contract system, cross-chain solution, sharding, and security system. Also, Ontology introduces a series of protocols and frameworks that build the “last mile” for blockchain applications.

Ontology infrastructure provides a high-performance blockchain framework under which different blockchains can be built to serve various business scenarios with different governance models.

Ontology extensions are a series of pluggable components and protocols, which provide multi-VM, hybrid data storage, data privacy protection, Oracle, and sharding services, etc.

Development frameworks
Ontology provides a series of application development frameworks and toolkits that allow users to develop their own applications without any barrier.
It also includes the development of decentralized applications.
Users can build their own dapps on the ontology network and SUBMIT THE DAPP to be listed on THE ONTOLOGY DAPP LIST.
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The ONT tokens used as a utility token in the ontology network.
There are many use-cases of the ONT tokens including :
Users with enough ONT tokens can apply for triones nodes, they can also stake their ONT by joining a consensus node.
ONT is used as a primary token for ontology dapps, involving transaction and transaction fees.
ONT tokens are used to give away rewards to the participants in the ontology bounty program.
ONT token is constantly evolving with new developments and use-cases.

Ontology Price$0.893606 USD 30/10/2019
Market Cap$500,286,120 USD 30/10/2019
24 Hour Volume$237,880,171 USD 30/10/2019

ONT tokens are actively trading on various popular cryptocurrency exchanges but the most preferred is Binance.

Ontology Bounty Program
In the Ontology bounty program, anyone can join and earn rewards in ONT tokens by completing the tasks involved in the bounty program.
Visit the bounty program HERE.

Join the Ontology community

Know more about the Ontology technology HERE.

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