Hypersnakes Dapp Review

Hypersnakes is one of the top 5 Dapp games on Dappradar with almost 1000 users in the 24 hrs volume.
The game is available on three different blockchain platforms that are ETH, TRX, and ONT.

Hypersnake is strived to be a pioneer in the blockchain gaming space by introducing a classic game “Snake” in the blockchain industry.

Due to the game being a blockchain game, players stand the ability to earn digital currencies and dividends, and also being a shareholder through token staking.

The game is somewhat similar to slither.io, but with a battle royal twist, where the last player standing wins the whole pot, could be (ETH, TRX, and ONT) respectively depending on the game mode. we would be learning more about this as we move further with the review, so let’s start.

Hypernsakes is a game developed by the team MixMarvel.
It also claims to be the first real-time competitive blockchain multiplayer game in the space.
8 Decimal Capital is also actively involved in the game growth by suggesting ideas from bringing the classic game to life in the blockchain world.

Hypersnakes has a simple gameplay mechanics. very similar to the classical snake games.
In this blockchain-based game, players basically compete against each other around the world to win tokens.
players can control the direction of their snakes’ heads, and eat golden stars to grow their sizes.
The players also have the ability to kill their opponents strategically, by blocking or surrounding them, the opponents lose when their snake’s head touches any part of the player’s body.
The last snake standing is the “King Snake” who wins the whole pot with (ETH, TRX, OR ONT).

The Snake King
Snake King is the core gaming mode in hypersnakes.
Apart from eating ordinary and shiny stars to grow the snakes, players can also eat digital assets (ETH, TRX, and ONT) from the corpses of the opponent that was defeated.

The players are charged an entry fee to enter the game-mode.
The fee is taken in the digital currency depending on the platform the players are playing on.
85% of all entries go into the prize pool for the Snake King winner. And 5% is going to the host of the battlefield.
Each game lasts 3 minutes and ends as the safe zone gets smaller, until the last snake standing which is ultimately the Snake King. Also to keep in mind that every 30 seconds a deadly poisonous obstacle will be released which could kill the player’s snakes. Also, players can find treasure chests which is an unfair power that could be given the opponents to eventually lose the game. Players also have the ability to revive after they die, but they would need to pay for it in
(ETH, TRX, and ONT) respectively.

Hypersnakes Gameplay

Hypersnakes Investments
Hypersnakes also offers an investment scheme to the players.
Players can purchase their own battlefield and host games, they get 5% of the total amount invested in the pot on particular game they host.
They can also stake the in-game token “Snake Coin”. Hypernsakes gives a part of the profit to the coin holders as dividends.
There is also a referral system available in hypersnakes making players refer anyone they wish, friends, family or random people.
Last but not least, hypersnakes has a lottery system in which active players and battlefield hosts can receive lottery tickets to win grand prizes, including additional perks and possibility to purchase snake skins which will be NFT tokens, that will permanently be existing on-chain

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