Digitex Token Airdrop

The Digitex Futures Exchange is a revolutionary new futures exchange model that mints its own native cryptocurrency to replace the need for transaction fees on trades. Commission-free trading will create highly liquid futures markets by attracting high volume, short term traders whose trading strategies are not viable on other exchanges due to commissions. As cryptocurrency prices rise, percentage-based transaction fees on other exchanges will also rise, further increasing the appeal of a commission-free futures exchange. Commission-free markets create demand for DGTX tokens which more than offsets the inflationary cost of creating that demand.

Digitex is giving away 5,000,000 DGTX tokens as airdrops to 500 airdrop participants.
Step by step guide to participate in the Airdrop:

  • Visit the Digitex waitlist page.
  • Click on “Join waitlist” and sign up for the waitlist.
  • Verify your mail.
  • Now start referring your friends to the waitlist.
  • Top 10 participants with the most number of points will get 50,000 DGTX each and the top 11 – 500 users will get 1,000 DGTX Tokens each.

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