Decentraland (MANA) Dapp Review

Decentraland is a famous Decentralized application built on the Ethereum Network.
let us begin with the procedure to understand more about decentraland and its fundamentals.

From the term “Decentraland” we understand its something to do with decentralized lands and yes that’s right, but it is a lot more than that.

Decentraland is a virtual reality world, where players can do almost anything they can imagine like building things, exploring the amazing 3D creation, play games and socialize.

The decentraland world is currently being built by the landowners. Once they are ready, players can explore the world through computers, phones, and VR headsets. (Currently accessible through computers)

Lands – Piece of the virtual world
In decentraland there are blocks of parcels called “Lands” these parcels are limited in number.
Lands can be owned by players, but they require to purchase the parcels through the marketplace. Each landowner has the freedom to build anything that they can imagine and also generate income if they wish, that directly goes to them.
Land location plays an important role in the type of visitors that a particular land gets.
For example: If a particular land is located at a location related to gaming, The land could attract visitors from its nearby location, similar to the real world.
Players can access the decentraland ATLAS and do a research on a particular land they wish to purchase using the ATLAS tool and find a location of parcels according to their choice.

Decentraland Marketplace Tutorial

Decentraland Marketplace
The decentraland marketplace is where players can shop on land/parcels.
The marketplace includes the decentraland ATLAS where players can view the location of each parcel they wish to purchase.
The Decentraland Marketplace is a fully decentralized and open market where you can discover, buy, sell, and manage your parcels of LAND.
The parcels are purchased with the decentraland token “MANA”
Get your Land HERE

MANA Token
MANA token is an ERC20 utility token of decentraland
It is used to purchase lands and in-game goods and services in decentraland.
MANA has a maximum supply of 2,644,403,343 tokens.

MANA Token Price$0.031741 USD 29/10/2019
Market Cap $33,332,133 USD 29/10/2019
24 Hour Volume $5,577,778 USD 29/10/2019

MANA Token is actively trading on many popular cryptocurrency exchanges but the most preferred is Binance

Decentraland Builder
The decentraland builder is a tool that helps players to build things on their lands in an easier way.
players can choose various 3D items to build their world in a fun and interesting way.
Know more about the decentraland builder HERE.

Decentraland Avatars
Players can customize their look in the decetraland world with the data taken from their passports. Get started HERE.
Players can also set a personalized name for their avatars and customize their avatars furthermore with the body, face, hairstyle, and wardrobe of the avatar.
Know more about avatars HERE.

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