Cryptokitties Dapp Review

What is Cryptokitties?
Cryptokitties is the worlds 1st Decentralized App and a blockchain game built on the ethereum network. In this game, you can collect and breed adorable kitties.
Each kitty is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed. Each kitty that you own, can also be sold for ETH.

How to play Cryptokitties?
You can play cryptokitties on both desktop and mobile.
To play cryptokitties on desktop you need to have a digital wallet extension on your chrome or firefox browser. ( The Dapper digital wallet extension is recommended by cryptokitties).
The next step is to purchase ethereum a digital cryptocurrency which is used in all cryptokitties transaction. Once you have purchased ethereum, you would have to transfer the ETH to the digital wallet you are using on your browser.
To play cryptokitties on mobile you need to install any reputed mobile wallets that supports ETH and dapps. Coinbase wallet and Trust wallet supports cryptokitties. The cryptokitties team are also building its own App very soon.
So after completing the above procedures on any of the platform, you would then be able to access and play cryptokitties

How to buy and sell Cryptokitties?
You can select and purchase any kitty you like from the cryptokitties marketplace
you can also receive kitties as gift from your friends by just providing your ETH address.
To sell or kitty you need to click your kitty which you wish to sell, then you will see buttons near its name for selling and siring.
once your kitty is sold, The ETH will be directly reflected on your wallet.
Note: buying and selling cryptokitties involve transaction fees.
If you wish to buy a kitty and you feel its too pricy on the marketplace, There is an option available to make an offer on that particular kitty.
Note: Every offer made includes a fee of 3.75% of the total offer value.

Every CryptoKitty can play the role of Dame (i.e. mother) or Sire (i.e. father). However, a CryptoKitty can only be one at a time. For example, your Dame can’t Sire while they’re preggers — and vice versa.
To breed your kitties there will be an option near your kitties name which walks you to the breeding process.
There’s a breeding fee of 0.008 ETH, paid each time a pair of Kitties is bred.

Cost to play Cryptokitties

It costs money to buy a Kitty or breed Kitties. There’s also a small ‘gas’ fee paid to conduct transactions on the blockchain.
Buying: When you buy a Kitty, there’s no standard price. Users choose their own starting and ending price when they create an auction for their Kitty, and the price goes down until the Kitty is bought or the auction ends. Once an auction ends, the Kitty stays for sale at the final low auction price until its bought or the owner cancels the auction.
Breeding: Every time you breed your Kitties, there’s a birthing fee. The birthing fee is collected by CryptoKitties. It covers the cost of writing your new CryptoKitty onto the blockchain. In cases of extreme congestion in the Ethereum network,
If you choose to Sire a Kitty from the Marketplace instead of breeding two of your own Kitties, you also need to pay a Siring fee, which is set by the owner of the Kitty you choose to Sire with.
Gas: Transactions are secured on the Ethereum blockchain, and it costs a small fee for its miners to process the transaction. This ‘gas’ fee applies to every transaction in CryptoKitties.

Generation of kitties
Every CryptoKitty is born with a generation one higher than its highest-generation parent. For example, a Gen 3 cat and a Gen 15 cat will produce Gen 16 offspring.
There will be 50,000 total; after that, they’re gone! All the other generations are created through breeding.
Generations affect a Kitty’s natural-born cooldown speed. The higher the generation, the slower the cooldown.

Cooldown Period
Making babies is hard work. Every Kitty knows that. So whenever your Kitty breeds, it needs time to rest before it can breed again. This is called the Kitty’s “cooldown”. The more a Kitty breeds, the more time it spends cooling down.
A Kitty’s cooldown at birth is determined by its generation (not genetics). The higher the generation, the slower the cooldown. Learn details about cooldown here.

Mewtation Gems and Family Jewels
The first Kitties that introduce a new Cattribute to their family tree are rewarded with a Mewtation Gem. The type of Gem (diamond, gilded, amethyst, or lapis) depends on how early on the Kitty discovered the Mewtation.After a Mewtation Gem is awarded to a Kitty, all of its descendants have the opportunity to claim it as a Family Jewel (shown next to the Cattribute) if they also share that trait. Even if it disappears for several generations, the jewel is reclaimed by any descendant who inherits or discovers the same Cattribute as its jeweled ancestor. Learn more about Family Jewels here.

Purrstige traits
Purrstige traits are special traits available for a limited time.Purrstige traits require a specific recipe which always includes one of the highest three tiers of Purrstige genes. If you’d like to learn more about trait tiers, check out our guide here. Keep an eye on Twitter, where the cryptokitties team release information on how to gain first access to these special traits.

Cat Codex and Special Cat Codex
The Cat Codex, which appears under the ‘Your Kitties’ tab on the website, is a list of Cattributes. It shows you which traits your cats currently have, and which ones you’re missing. The Special Cat Codex tracks the Fancy and Exclusive Cats that you collect. You can complete your Codex by buying and breeding cats with traits that are new to your collection, but remember, new Cattributes are continuously being discovered, so keeping up is part of fun! There are literally billions of possible genetic combinations.
There will never be more than 50,000 Gen 0 Kitties, but there is no limit to the number of other Kitties that can be bred.

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