Chain, CRO And MCO Token Review

What is is basically a payment platform, including products that aim to increase cryptocurrency use-cases on a large scale.
currently the platform offers 3 main products that are:
1. MCO VISA Cards.
2. Cryptocurrency Wallet.
3. Portfolio Building Service

MCO visa cards work just like any other payment cards, but it has a completely different work style. how? Let us see.
The MCO visa cards use cryptocurrency for the transaction, and its directly linked to your wallet App on your mobile phone.
MCO visa card users can make payments to any merchant or companies even if they don’t accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.
Every time you spend using your MCO visa card, you get 5% guaranteed cashback.
The MCO visa card is paired with the wallet App, available on both playstore and appstore.
The App is powerful and secure. The app lets you manage your digital assets in just one click and also has a 24/7 customer support system built-in.
There are no transaction fees charged when you transact using your MCO visa card.
Cardholders cannot load cryptocurrency onto their MCO Visa Card. All cryptocurrency will be converted to US Dollars and the US Dollars can be loaded onto the MCO Visa Card for use in purchase and ATM withdrawals.

Cryptocurrency Wallet
The Cryptocurrency Wallet of allows users to buy and sell 53 cryptocurrencies and 7 fiat currency.
The cryptocurrency wallet can be accessed and managed anytime you wish.
The cryptocurrency wallet also lets you spend your funds using the MCO visa cards anytime.

Portfolio Building Service
The app users can build their portfolio by automated quant trading.
Access automated trading strategies with $20 USD minimum.
Designed to perform in any market.
Set up based on your personal preferences
Cash-out at any time.

Below is a chart of crypto investment performance review

Note: Past performance may not indicate future results. The investment may involve risk. Pay
The App users can shop online, and also get cashback which is funded by the network.
Spend your favorite cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.
Users can also purchase Pay Gift Cards from the App using crypto.
These gift cards can be used to shop over 40 recognized brands all over the world. You can spend it on popular stores, world-wide offline or online.
Users will be able to avail 10% cashback in CRO tokens ( token) using the Pay Gift Cards. Know more HERE
The gift cards can be purchased over 40 prominent brands in 9 different categories including airlines, hotels, games, fashion, food and beverage, general retail, entertainment, taxi services, and grocery. More merchants to come.
Gift Your Friends and Family
The gift cards can be purchased as presents for your friends and family and can be sent through email. Pay Demo Tokens currently has 2 of its own crypto tokens that are the CRO and MCO Tokens

The CRO Token enables cross-asset intermediary currency settlement for the native Chain. CRO token is available on multiple global exchanges.
Token Utility
Enables cross-asset intermediary currency settlement.
Participants writing transactions on the network will use CRO to settle block transaction fees.
Participating nodes will be rewarded in CRO for processing and validating transactions on the network.
Customers paying with CRO directly will transact with minimal fees.
Get 10% Cash Back in CRO for using Pay Gift Cards.
Stake CRO, own and run a Council Node and earn 18% rewards per annum.
To stake CRO with full seat, you need have a minimum of 500000 CRO tokens.
you will have the full custody of your seat on your wallet. start taking at
If you have below 500000 CRO tokens, you can still participate in staking in a partial seat with minimum 10000 CRO tokens.

MCO TOKEN conducted the MCO Token sale in May-June 2017 and raised us$26.7 million. MCO has a circulating supply of 15.8 million tokens and trades on 22 exchanges globally.
Token Utility
The MCO Token utility has been enhanced significantly since launch. Some of the token utilities are:
Enables customers to order MCO Platinum cards (for free) by staking MCO Tokens.
The customer receives % back in MCO Token each time they transact with their MCO Visa Card.
Enables customers to upgrade reserved MCO Visa Card to a higher tier before their card ships by staking more MCO Tokens.
Receive Referral Rewards each time you or your friends transact on the App. Increase benefits by staking more MCO Tokens.
Vote for your preferred token to be added to the Wallet using MCO Token.
Receive ad-hoc token airdrops for selected token listings on the App.
Receive a 50% discount on all fees for Crypto Invest product if you stake MCO Tokens.
Crypto Invest may include an allocation of MCO Tokens to your portfolio.
Reduce credit fees by up to 20% if you stake MCO Tokens.
Get credit if you use MCO Token as collateral.
Receive best interest rate (APR) with MCO staked.

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