Blockchaincuties Dapp Review

Blockchaincuties is one of the top 10 Dapp Games on DappRadar, with 400+ daily active viewers it is one of the most successful dapps out there.
It is basically more of a collectible crypto game where players play with various cuties involving puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other real and fantasy creatures alike.
Each “cutie” that players own is 100% unique and only owned by them.
Let us understand more about blockchaincuties and its fundamentals.

When blockchaincuties started, it was just a collectible game where the players collect their cute characters, similar to cryptokitties.
However, the game got evolved with more interesting strategic layers which gradually improved the gameplay.

Blockchaincuties Gameplay:
There are 3 major steps involved to play blockchaincuties
1. Collecting your cutie (Character)
The main resource of the players are the cuties that they own by which players can breed, grow, send them on an adventure and of course buy and sell them.
2. Sending your cutie on an Adventure
Players can send their cuties on an adventure, which is basically a battle with other players cutie, One cutie attacks, the other defends and vice-verca, pretty common and understandable gameplay.
checkout Battle mechanics , Adventure types, Items and Raid boss battles to learn more about adventure.
3. Breeding your cute
If you have bred your kitties in cryptokitties, the breeding procedure of blockchaincuties is almost similar, where each cutie has its own genome. When two different cuties are bred together, a new cutie is generated with different attributes.
checkout Genome, Breeding, and Attributes to learn more about breeding.

Basics Of Blockchaincuties

How To Play Blockchaincuties:
Once you visit the website of blockchaincuties, you need to login on the top right corner, where there are multiple methods to login, however, logging in through metamask, dapper and tronlink are the most preferred methods.

The next step is to purchase your first cutie or go with the free tutorial “cutie” that appears right after you have logged in.
once you’ve got your first cutie you can send him/her on an adventure, all you got to do is click on the adventure tab on the top and then you can select the cutie you wish to go on an adventure.
Each time your pet goes on an adventure, he/she returns back with a cool-down period which makes that particular cutie not to participate in another adventure until the cool-down period is over, The cool-down period depends on the Gen of your cutie, Cuties with lower Gen have a lesser cool-down period.
Sometimes your cutie might bring some items while returning back from an adventure, you can add these items to a particular cutie you wish, they help your cuties in fighting battles.
The items consist of weapons, headwear, bracelet, and accessory. You can find the items you own on the inventory category in the “my cuties” tab on the top left corner.
More adventures = More experience gained by your cutie = Faster leveling up = Faster unlocking new adventures.
There are always various events and challenges coming up in blockchaincuties, currently, there is a Halloween event running on.

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