Basic Attention Token (BAT) Cryptocurrency Project Review

The Basic Attention Token is a utility token built on the Ethereum network, that is mainly focused on digital advertising.

Basic attention token has a vision and primarily focused on improving the efficiency of digital advertising, by creating the BAT token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users.

Since BAT is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum network, every transaction and exchange of BAT tokens between publishers, advertisers, and users happens on the Ethereum blockchain, making it safe, and secure.

The token is primarily used in the Brave Browser, which is also an important part of the basic attention token project.
we will learn more about the role of brave browser as we move further with the review.

Blockchain Digital Advertising
The blockchain digital advertising is a decentralized transparent digital ad exchange based on Ethereum Blockchain.

It Involves 3 Major Stages
Brave Browser
The brave Browser is the first stage of blockchain digital advertising, due to it being fast, open-source, privacy-focused browser that blocks malvertisements, trackers, and contains a ledger system that anonymously captures user attention to accurately reward publishers.
The brave browser creates an eco-system between the publishers, advertisers and users.

Basic Attention Token
The basic token is the second stage of blockchain digital advertising. It is the primary token used by the publishers, advertisers, and users in the brave browser.
The token is used as a payment method to payout and reward the publishers for displaying and reward users for viewing the ads simultaneously.

A New Deal
The Brave browser knows where users spend their time, making it the perfect tool to calculate and reward publishers with BAT tokens.
This service creates a transparent and efficient Blockchain-based digital advertising market.
Publishers receive more revenue because middlemen and frauds are reduced.
Users opt-in to an inclusive and rewarding private ad experience. And advertisers get better data on their spending.

Working of BAT And Brave
The Brave browser anonymously monitors user attention, then rewards publishers accordingly with BAT tokens.

Publishers receive their payments in BAT tokens based on the attention they get from the users.
More attention = Higher Rewards

Advertisers get a higher return on investment.
They find better targeting publishers and reduce fraudulent activity.

Users are rewarded with BAT tokens based on the attention they make with the ads displayed on the publisher’s content.
User attention is privately monitored on the brave browser and also the private data of users never leaves their device making the user data secure.

The relationship between the publishers, advertisers, and users happens in an anonymity shield, which makes their identity remain anonymous and not leaked between them.

Measuring Attention
Attention is measured as users view ads and content in the browser’s active tab in real-time. The Attention Value for the ad will be calculated based on incremental duration and pixels in view in proportion to relevant content.

Payments And Rewards
Users viewing the ads in the brave browser rewarded in BAT tokens, which can be used to donate premium content and BAT services on the BAT platform. Users cannot withdraw or sell these tokens from the brave browser wallet.

Publishers will receive their payments based on the ad-revenue on their content.
They can also receive donations from the users based on the quality content provided, further increasing their revenue.

Privacy and frauds
The BAT team plans to mitigate possible ad fraud through the use of cryptography, better client-side integrity, and transparency achieved through open source.

The Infrastructure of BAT is up and running, anyone can join the program by installing the Brave Browser which is available on Windows, macOS and Linux

Know more about BAT HERE.

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