A1 Fighters Dapp Review

What is A1 Fighters?
A1 Fighters is a battle royale airdrop platform. Its purpose is to promote other games and projects while making you money.
This is a project that many of the gamers would dream of by which players could earn passive income just by playing the game. how cool is that? Players will be able to learn about new or existing projects while earning some well-deserved currency like ETH, TRX, EOS, NEO, and all that while just playing a game.
You won’t need an app nor dapp browser to play the game. All you need to do is enter your wallet address where you want to receive goodies.

A1 Fighters review by BlockDecentral

A1 Fighters Gameplay
Airdrop meets Battle Royale best describes A1 Fighters. Roam the battlefield for chests or just participate in battles.
While there can only be one winner each round, it does not mean only that there will be just one token winner. They have a fair distribution system that allows for anyone to have fun. Of course the longer you survive, or the more kills you get, the higher your reward.
Exceptions are ERC721 token since they can not be divided. Most likely you will find them in chests on the battlefield and once found they are yours. But the exact mechanic is still work in progress

A1 Fighter Biomes
A1 Fighters sports four beautiful biomes. Lush grass fields with forest areas make you want to unpack the tent and enjoy nature. But be on the edge, your foe can hide behind the next tree.
Sandy desert areas that will put a test to your strength. But great hiding spots in the ruins.
Next is the swamps. Wet, dark and scary. Pack your gumboots and turn the swamp red.
Last but not least there is the unknown biome. It has not been explored yet but even the mightiest warriors seem to have respect when talking about it.

A1 Fighter Biomes

AAAGame Engine
A1 Fighters features a state of the art graphics engine. Used by HBO, McDonalds and even Ubisoft.
In addition to that, they are using the latest optimizations allowing A1 Fighters to run on nearly any device out there.
A1 Fighters is not an app. It is 100% HTML5 code and doesn’t need plugins, not even dapp browsers. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, even Microsoft Edge plays our game just fine, same for android and apple devices.

A1 Fighters Characters and customizations
A1 fighters have Six gorgeous character classes that will get you started. In addition, you can style your own warrior. Various colors, hairstyles, beards, eyes, eyebrows, even slim, normal, fat variants are available.
Eeach character also comes with a nice close combat weapon, like steam punk-ish AK or Revolver.
Find your style, mix it up, play as you like, enjoy the mayhem

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They also have a referral program for their Pre-Sale, players can share their referral link and get 3% referral bonus.

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